Therapies and treatments at the Healing Sanctuary
Cupping Therapy

 Cupping & Cupping Massage

Integrated Functional Dry

& Massage cupping

Using a mix of traditional and modern cupping techniques to release tight, tense & painful muscles, move stagnant blood to aid flow with energetic Qi & move trapped toxins from the  lymphatic system to help the healing process.

The cups are held by suction, they can be held in place for up to 20 mins dependant on the treatment, or applied lightly so they can be moved around for a massage effect.

The cups will leave a cup mark after treatment as a reaction of histamine is release to promote healing.

But your in great company most professional athletes and famous actors are boldly showing off there cupping stamps on social media.

Lara ear 1.jpg

 Auricular Ear Acupuncture 

Ear acupuncture a micro-system used to treat many symptoms and ailments from digestive upsets to weight loss, headaches to insomnia, anxiety to depression, colds and immunity and much more. 

Your ears are linked to every part of your body. In such a small space we use tiny needles as the points are microscopic.

If youve never had acupuncture this is a great treatment to try first

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 Sacred Turtle 


The sacred turtle micro-system acupuncture treatment around the abdominal. Used to treat skeletal-muscular issues like back, hip, shoulder pain, digestive issues, headaches and much more.

We sometimes use electro-stimulation to enhance the treatment. It helps move Qi energy and unblock stuck energy for quicker healing.

You'll experience warmth and a slight tremor that feels quite relaxing that helps calm the body.

Acupuncture Treatment

Scalp Acupuncture

Another Micro-system that can be used to help with orthopaedic joint pain along with tremors, strokes, headaches, hearing, speech and much more., 

Needles are placed into the scalp in specific meridian points, linked to the body such as  feet, hands, knees, spine, also points related to the nervous system, face, ears, eyes etc.

Beautiful point on the top of the head that makes you feel peaceful and very tranquil.

 What to expect ?

1rst treatment includes a  medical consultation and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) tongue, face and pulse check with diagnosis. We check for signs of heat, cold, damp, wind and other factors that effect your organs, digestion and joints. 

Did you know that arthritis is related to a heat/wind/damp attack in TCM.

or a cold is an invasion where the wind has allowed the cold and damp to invade your immune system.

Your Treatment then includes points to reduce these factors, which is rather cool  !!

What to wear?

Loose clothing so we can access the parts of the body to be treated, please dont be offended if we ask you to remove your top or bottoms, we keep everything professional and will keep your dignity in tact.

Before you come?

Please do not come if you've consumed alcohol, it really doesn't mix with needles. Try have something to eat at least an hour prior to arriving, fainting from low blood sugar is not pleasant. Stay hydrated too. please also bring a list of any medication you may be on. If your unsure if acupuncture is suitable please do not hesitate to call or email before hand. We always welcome questions.


Please arrive approx. 5 minutes before your appointment and not before or after, the clinic runs a timetabled appointment schedule. 

Most of all, relax and enjoy some well deserved "Me Time" healing works best when you allow the intelligence of your body space, time  & stillness to activate.

Treatment Prices

Dry Cupping 30 Mins -£25

Dry Cupping & Cupping Massage 45 mins -£30

Auricular Ear 45 min -£30

Combined treatment based on diagnosis 1 hour- £40 (auricular, scalp, turtle)

Special weekly treaments over 4 weeks- £130

Gua Sha facial massage included as part of full cupping sessions and certain acupuncture treatments.