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 Auricular Ear Acupuncture 

Abdominal, Scalp & Sacred Turtle Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture a micro-system used to treat many symptoms and ailments from digestive upsets to weight loss, headaches to insomnia, anxiety to depression, colds and immunity and much more. 

Your ears are linked to every part of your body. In such a small space we use tiny needles as the points are microscopic.

If youve never had acupuncture this is a great treatment to try first

30 minute treatment £30/ block of 4 £100 weekly treatment

45 minute treatment £40/ block of 4  £140 weekly treatment

Abdominal , Scalp and Sacred Turtle Acupuncture is known as a micro-system in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Around the navel all nerves, blood, Qi and Lymph's flow.

This system is great at treating skeletal-muscular problems like back-ache, hip pain, shoulder injuries.

Also things like headaches, digestive issues, fertility along with other issue like anxiety, worry and fear.

As a practitioner we may decide to help the energy pathways flow better by using electro-stimulation to unblock any stuck energy to aid quicker healing.

Usually after a treatment, you feel very chilled and calm.

60 minute treatment £40/ block of 4 £140  weekly treatment

60 minute combined Auricular/ Abdominal/Scalp/Cupping £45-

block of 4 £160

Consultation, diagnosis and first treatment 1hour 15 minutes. 

Functional Cupping & Massage cupping

Using a mix of Traditional & Modern cupping.

A techniques to release painful muscle tension and tightness.

Move stagnant flow of blood , Qi, and trapped toxins to aid the natural healing process of the bodies own intelligence.

The cups are applied to create a suction vacuum  that can be applied for a heavy, medium or light static treatment or moved around to create a massaging effect.

Each client will be assessed and treated accordingly by the practioner.

The famous cupping "kisses" or marks after treatment are a great reaction as it shows histamine and other chemicals are being released to promote healing. Look at the famous athletes now regularly using cupping as part of there training programme.

30 minute treatment  £30/  block of 4 £90 weekly treatments

45 minute treatment £35/ block of 4  £100 weekly treatments

Menopause programme

detox poster (2).png

We offer a specific programme for when we woman move into the next chapter of our life , peri & post menopausal symptom's can be de-stressing and feel strange. Such things as hot-flashes, panic or anxiety attacks, brain fog, insomnia & sore joints etc. but it doesn't have to be like this, we have things that can help us, by slightly change our lifestyles to adapt to the hormonal change.

This programme mixes mindful movement on the Pilates reformer, nutritional advice and acupuncture.

4 week programme includes consultation, 4 Pilates reformer sessions, 2 Auricular or 30 minute cupping session, nutrition plan and weekly

pre-recorded mindfulness at home practice. 4 week course £120


Ask us about our Mindfulness & Lifestyle coaching


Emotional healing sessions

Prices start from £40 per hour

New Treatment 

AromaTouch Technique


Discover the power of essential oils, applied to the back and feet. A unique blend of human touch and the holistic benefits of  essential oils.

Relaxing, calming, energising and grounding for the Body, Mind and Emotions.

Relax let the sensory power of the oils, infuse into the skin and diffuse through smell.

45 minute treatment £35/ block of 4  £100 weekly treatments

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