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One to One 
Pilates Reformer
One to One 
Yoga, Chi Gong & Meditation

The Pilates reformer a unique piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, to challenge your stability, mobility and strength.

A versatile workout that can challenge any athlete, introduce a beginners to the Pilates method and help with rehabilitation following an injury. A mindful and functional way of movement, integrating body, mind and breath.

Develops lean and strong muscle, a body that is sculpted and flexible, a strong core, back, hips and pelvic floor, strong lungs developed by diaphragmatic breathing, postural alignment and awareness of mindful movement.

One session £30

4 sessions £100

Seasonal Yoga coaching.

Unique to Lincolnshire, this style of Yoga changes with the Seasons, we flow with the seasonal circadian rhythm just like nature. In Winter we look to nurture, restore and repair our energy and bodies, Spring builds stamina and focus, Summer passion and activity. Each season having its own unique, energy ,food, lifestyle, philosophy and focus. We integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine with authentic Yoga. Chi gong, breathwork, meditation and nutrition.

One session £30

4 sessions £100

Finding Me in Menopause

We offer a specific programme for when we woman move into the next chapter of our life , peri & post menopausal symptom's can be de-stressing and feel strange. Such things as hot-flashes, panic or anxiety attacks, brain fog, insomnia & sore joints etc. but it doesn't have to be like this, we have things that can help us, by slightly change our lifestyles to adapt to the hormonal change.

This programme mixes mindful movement on the Pilates reformer, nutritional advice and acupuncture.

4 week programme includes consultation, 4 Pilates reformer sessions, 2 Auricular or 30 minute cupping session, nutrition plan and weekly

pre-recorded mindfulness at home practice 4 week programme £120

At present we only offer one to one coaching. But upcoming events are Yoga training, retreat and wellness  spa days, subscribe for up to date info.

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