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By the Sea
"Through feeling well, we heal"


About Us

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A few words                                     from Me...

Hi, my name is Julie and the person behind Seasonal Sanctuary and Seasonal Yoga by the Sea.

All my life Ive tried to stay as active and healthy as I can, I was a sporty youngster, a dancing diva teenager and now in my magical 50's a spiritual and wellness warrior.

Eating  healthy, exercising regularly, daily meditation with self-care & healing rituals are all part and parcel of living a full, happy, active life.

My Career in health started when my 9 to 5 Management job suddenly came to crashing end when redundancy forced me to re-evaluate my next move . I'd been stepping and touching in the local Aerobics class all the way through the 80's and 90's and loved it as it took me back in time to my dance classes. Natural progression was to make my passion and hobby into a business, so in 1998 I trained as a Fitness Teacher & step teacher (full Jane Fonda lycra was my new uniform).

Started teaching locally in halls and studios and absolutely loved being front and centre.

In 2000 Michael King had just set up the Pilates Institute and he taught a mind-blowing Pilates class at the big Fitness event in Glasgow, that was me hooked. I signed up for the first UK & Scottish courses. Travelling down to London on and off for 5 years I graduated with my Diploma in Mat, Posture, On the Ball, Seniors and One to One Pilates amazing  courses taught by Michael & his team & guest teachers that where top Physio and Orthopaedic surgeons in the world.

I loved all things exercise, went on to teach Body Balance & CX works, had a blast Shimmying my shake in Zumba. The whole way through I kept finding my way into someone's Yoga class and loved the tranquillity and balance it brought me from my very active life. Some weeks I'd be teaching up to 24 mostly jumpy about classes.

Finally in 2015 I went off to train as a Yoga Teacher, I needed to find out more about this ancient practice and how it helped me feel so peaceful and chilled.

Couldn't get enough Yoga.!! This lead me to Seasonal Yoga Academy, Glasgow and the mesmerising teachers Julie Hanson & Sue Woodds, I feel in love with the Seasonal concept of living your life to the Seasons and cycles of the year. Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine into your Yoga practice , eating and self-care routines. At the end of my 300 hour course ,I was honoured to be offered the opportunity to run the Stirling course, which I grasped with both hands. I set up the course, opened a Studio, found the first students and Seasonal Yoga Stirling was bourn in 2017 until the unfortunate events of 2020.

 My studies and training didn't end there, I've since qualified in plant based nutrition, Aerial Yoga and Pilates Reformer.... Phew its been a lot of study.

Because of my love of  Seasonal Yoga, February 2020 I started my acupuncture, herbs &Traditional Chinese Medicine career, qualifying this year 2022 as a micro-systems acupuncturist and cupping therapist. and I haven't stopped there.

2021 brought me to the Lincolnshire coast and a peaceful village called Sutton on Sea, which had the most amazing beach, quant little shops and  cheery, friendly people. I feel in love right then and there, this was the place to set up a Holistic, wellness and healing sanctuary.

Got to pinch myself every morning as I wake up the the Sea breeze, the birds in the garden trees and walks on the beach to dream about.

As my spirituality and healing practice expands, the future of Seasonal Sanctuary healing and wellbeing will diversify as I re-search and experience new alternative, holistic and ancient healing arts.

My future vision of wellbeing and healing is looking bright and dynamic and I'd love you share the healing powers of life by the Sea, synchronised with the cycles of the Seasons and their energies.

Julie 500 hour Advanced Seasonal  Master Teacher, Tutor & Yoga School

Pilates Mat & Reformer Diploma Teacher

Aerial Yoga Teacher

Fitness Teacher

Plant Based Nutritional & Seasonal Lifestyle Coach

Micro-systems Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Functional Dry & Massage Cupping Therapist

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