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"Come learn to change your energy that changes your Life "

How would you like to practice Yoga in the tranquillity of a

Seasonal Sanctuary by the Sea.

Our Seaside Seasonal Yoga school for aspiring Yoga students, teachers and enthusiasts moves to the Lincolnshire coast in 2022

We have 4 years of expertise, educating upcoming Yoga teachers, offering CPD's to existing and running Foundation wellness course and retreats, that educate you to find yourself, your energy and new healthy habits.

We are steadily looking to inspire, build and grow our Seasonal community and family from coast to coast.

discover your path


Seasonal Yoga By the Sea
Teacher Training School

Yoga on the Beach


To offer a programme of courses that are based on two great health and wellbeing systems, Traditional Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These programmes are designed to help your personal practice, your diet, your lifestyle, mindset and energy.

We want to be there every step of the way to help you find your potential, whether your goal is to teach yoga or just become a healthier more informed version of you.


Every person is an individual, with differing skills and mindset from the way they learn, to the passion and drive within them.

As a Yoga Teacher you will develop your own way of teaching, creating your own tribe with unique personality, creativity and style.

We just want to give you the best teaching tools, then point you in the right direction where you can  develop into the Teacher you were dreaming of becoming

But wait if teaching isn't for you quite yet but you love   Yoga,  lack the knowledge or confidence when you practice, interesting in learning more about  how to stay young, fit and health then  Yoga enthusiasts you must book into our 100 hour foundation course. 

Want to try a Seasonal class, we offer in-person class, and one to ones, see our timetable with our Sister Company

Seasonal Sanctuary ..

“The Yoga that changes with the Seasons”



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