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Why chose our 200 Hour programme?

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training programme is unlike any other Yoga provider as we bring together two great systems together Traditional Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Taking the best from both, our Yoga classes are not just about moving, but about living with the energy, the food, the breath, the emotion in that Season. We develop a theme and intention of Healthily living as the months change from Spring to Winter.

 “The Yoga that changes with the Seasons”

What do our graduates say about teaching Seasonal Yoga?

“The practice changes every few months to fit the mood and the ambience of the Season”,  " The practice just feels right at that time of year and my class love how it changes"   " I never get bored or short on ideas while teaching Seasonal Yoga" “I love teaching classes but a Seasonal Workshops is special, I get to spend an afternoon of quality time with my class, going over the best foods to eat, the best breath to take and spend half an hour in Yoga Nidra”


Why does it take 12 months & who should apply?

Seasonal Yoga is an experiential course, we take a full 12 months to take you on a journey, travelling from one Season to the next. We want you to feel the energy as it changes and as you change from student to teacher.

If you have a passion for Yoga, health and fitness and ready to move from Student to teacher or maybe you are a health professional looking to add Yoga to your repertoire.

We look at every student applicant on their own merit, so if have a passion to become a Yoga teacher just give us a call, we are always eager to talk you and take you through the course content to see if it is for you.


Who will be teaching you?

i Lead teacher and tutor Julie Garrioch  Seasonal Master Teachers (500EYRT teachers), Acupuncturist  and TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist. & Lead Teacher Nicola Park (500EYRT) cover the monthly training,

We call in the experts per modular learning...

Karen Scobbie, one of the top Nutritional therapists calls to cover Nutrition and Seasonal eating.

Claire Davidson takes us through NLP and  Pregnancy Yoga 


 Seasonal Course Directors...

Julie Hanson (marketing, social media and setting up your business), 

Sue Woodds (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong,, Tai Chi and the  5 Element theory),

Marit Akintewe (Yoga Philosophies, Yoga lineage and history)

Did you


Our curriculum is so extensive that it exceeds the current standards set by Yoga Alliance International.

And this qualification is recognised around the world, so if your aspiration is to teach in Europe, Australia or the USA you can.

You will graduate being able to teach Seasonal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Chi Gong, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Nidra.

For any Yoga or Health enthusiast, try our 100-hour Foundation course, get inspiration about staying healthy & fit or a great steppingstone to go onto teacher training.

It covers the 5 Element theory Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Find out:

 “What Element you are”

 “Are you living in your Element”

“What’s the best food and exercise for your Element”

Light-hearted, fun and factual course done over 5 months, covering 1 Element at a time.

What else do you do or offer?

Seasonal Yoga_Branding Template14.png

Do we teach Seasonal class so I can try one out?

Absolutely, try a Seasonal group class

or  treat yourself to one of our mini retreat Seasonal days.

Be warned, Seasonal class are highly addictive, because they leave you feeling so good !

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